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Bee Kind

Celebrating the intersection between craft beer and community in Waterloo Region.

TWB believes that profit does not come at the expense of community.

Keep an eye on this page to read about our current outreach and community initiatives!

 November 2023

For the month of November, we’re happy to partner with The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (KWSP Humane Society), our chapter of the broader and far-reaching federation of Humane Canada. We kicked off our fundraising at their annual Howl-o-ween fundraiser at the gorgeous Hacienda Sereda in Kitchener - join us next year!


Our Humane Society works hard to ensure that thousands of pets are able “to find - and stay with - loving families.” Through events and campaigns, they raise the resources they need to take care of animals in need. Since its founding, the KWSP Humane Society has grown to be one of the largest animal welfare organisations in Ontario. 


While the KWSP Humane Society was started to help homeless or abandoned pets, today they are so much more than that. They still shelter animals and organise adoptions, but they “are also contracted for animal services for 13 municipalities, provide education and learning opportunities both in schools and in centres for youth and adults, […] offer a wide variety of low-cost veterinary services to support people and pets, and [they] have growing outreach services to help pet owners in crisis with emergency boarding and pet food resources.” 

The KWSP Humane Society does all this without any government funding (except for animal control contracts), relying instead on the support of community members and donors. Help us support them this month by making a donation at our brewery or directly to them - or volunteer if you’re able! 

The KWSP Humane Society does all this without any government funding (except for animal control contracts), relying instead on the support of community members and donors. Help us support them this month by making a donation at our brewery or directly to them - or volunteer if you’re able!


October 2023

The Kitchener Public Library is a bustling community hub and a vital third space in our city. Offering robust connectivity, literacy programs, musical instruments, diverse arts events, and - of course - an amazing collection of books, it's a year-round treasure. But during October's Canadian Library Month, let's crank up the celebration! Recognize the library's vital role in enriching our lives and connecting our community. Join us in honouring our local library and discover why it's the heart of our town! 


KPL “is committed to creating engaging spaces where people connect, ideas flourish and lives are transformed. Your gift will help fund priority needs not covered by tax dollars and will impact everyone who visits the library.” 

Help us show our appreciation for the KPL: 

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom when you stop by! 

  • Visit one of the library’s branches and experience the magic for yourself!

  • Donate directly to the Kitchener Public Library!


September 2023

Some of you may have heard online that the Community Fridge run by the 519 Community Collective was stolen in August. The Collective has been working for years to spread kindness, hope, and love to the most vulnerable in the tri-cities through their programs, which include the community fridge, nourish kitchen, urban garden, 23 little free food pantries installed across the region, an assortment of emergency food programs, and more! We’re very lucky to have this dedicated group here in Waterloo Region - it’s all the more amazing that they have accomplished all this only since March 2020.


Help us show them that their work matters and demonstrate our commitment to our community:

August 2023

We have been partnering with the Hydrocut Committee on our Hydrocut Session IPA ever since we opened. We designed the beer with the trail riders in mind, building a crisp and hoppy sessionable IPA for them to enjoy after a ride on the mountain biking trails! We’re lucky to have these world-class trails right in our backyard - and we’re proud to support the volunteer community that builds and maintains them! 


“The Hydrocut Trail system is consistently ranked as one of the top riding destinations in Ontario and is recognized across Canada for its 35km of flowing trails that see over 80,000 visitors per year. The trails are open and free to the public. They feature boardwalks and bridges, switchbacks and ‘armoured’ walls, with fast lines and technical features to challenge the most skilled of riders.”

You can help support the Committee & the trails with us when you: 

  • Purchase a can of The Hydrocut Session IPA, our delicious and light seasonal IPA. Keep an eye out for our limited edition cans with the original label designed by Jason Piper.

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom when you stop by!

  • Donate directly to the Trail Committee to help bring a little fun to our community!

  • Sign up to volunteer if you can and tell your friends about this great network!

  • Get outside and ride the trails yourself!

The Hydrocut Trails.png

July 2023

Giving rescue pets a new collar, a new home, and a new life.

We’re proud to work with Dog Friendly KW to support New Collar Collective throughout the month of July! “Founded in 2020, New Collar Collective is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit animal rescue organization committed to alleviating animal homelessness. All rescue dogs and cats are placed in loving foster homes, where they receive the vetting and basic training required for them to thrive once they are adopted by their forever families.” 


New Collar Collective works with their partners to “help at-risk dogs and cats in remote northern Canadian communities, locally with stray and owner surrenders, and internationally in countries with high over populations of stray dogs and cats.”

You can help support NCC along with us when you: 

  • Purchase a can of The Leroy Witbier, a delicious seasonal wit we brewed with Dog Friendly KW!

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom when you stop by!

  • Donate directly to New Collar Collective to help bring a little kindness to our community!

  • Sign up to volunteer, foster, or adopt! NCC only rescues dogs and cats if there are foster homes to place them in - they provide all supplies and cover all of the vetting while you provide them with cuddles, usually for 4-6 weeks. Or consider adopting a rescue if you can - either way, NCC will be there to help every step of the way!

New Collar Co.png

June 2023

Celebrate Pride 🌈

All through June, you can show your support for SPECTRUM WR at TWB! We’re excited to work with this organisation again, and hope you join us in helping them expand their impact this month and all year long!


Founded in 2012, SPECTRUM “offers a safe place where 2SLGBTQ+ individuals can be themselves and find community and supports.” They organise support groups, rec activities, and events throughout the year - you can chip in when you:

  • Purchase a can of Equal, a delicious saison with pepper and lime, brewed in support of SPECTRUM WR.

  • Pick up a TWB rainbow sticker when you stop by the taproom - while supplies last! Part of the proceeds support SPECTRUM as well.

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom.

  • Donate directly to SPECTRUM WR to help bring a little kindness to our community.

April 2023

This month we’re proud to support the work that Sanguen does for our community!

The organisation was founded directly in response to a community need identified by Dr. Chris Steingart, an infectious disease physician who was working at Grand River Hospital. He saw how much medical treatment and support was needed for individuals living with Hepatitis C in Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington. As a response to this need, Sanguen was established You may see their van around town, reaching and working with people where they are. 

Over the years, Sanguen has continued to expand its impact through education, outreach, support, and comprehensive, expert medical care for those who need it most. We’re excited to spread the word about Sanguen this month and support them - and we hope you join us!

You can participate in our campaign this month by contributing to our donation jar at the till - and you can always support Sanguen by donating to them directly!


May 2023

Live Sustainably 

We’re excited to support Reep Green Solutions this month! Not only are they an active and long-running environmental charity that has been working with people across the Region to help them live more sustainably, but they are also our neighbour!


Some of you may have visited the Reep House at some point, either to pick up your Bloom{in} Box of seedlings or to see their energy-conserving methods in practice. It’s located just up Mill

Untitled design (6).png

Street from us, so we knew it was only a matter of time before we worked together!

Participants in Reep’s programs have “reduced 27,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions through their home renovations” between 1999 and 2019. During those twenty years, over 14,000 people from around Waterloo Region participated in their workshops, learning about renewable energy, sustainable living, and rainwater management.


Help us celebrate the Earth this month by leaving a donation for Reep next time you come by the brewery to pick up some beer - or reach out to them directly to participate in one of their programs to green your life!


March 2023

See the person. See the ability.

For the second year in a row, TWB is partnering with the Waterloo Wellington Down Syndrome Society (WWDSS) to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, which takes place each year on March 21st!  The WWDSS is a charitable non-profit created in 1988 by parents of children with Down syndrome. It is entirely run by volunteers - every dollar raised goes towards helping fund programs and services.

You can participate by: 

  • Purchasing a can of AJ & Zeus Lemongrass Pale Ale when it’s released on March 18 - and come out to our launch celebration that evening (4-8 pm)! A portion of the proceeds from each can goes directly to the WWDSS to support their programming year-round.

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom.

  • Donate directly to the WWDSS or purchase some merchandise through their website.

Your donations will help:

  • Provide a social and information network for parents/families

  • Advocate for persons with Down syndrome to lead healthy and active lives in our community

  • Assist the inclusion of people with Down syndrome into the community

AJ & Zeus 1x1.png

February 2023

Kindness is Contagious!

For the month of February, TWB has partnered with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region to bring some kindness to our community!  Here’s how you can participate:

  • Purchase a can of Bee Kind Kolsch and gift it to a friend, co-worker, or neighbour as a random act of kindness - and don’t forget one for yourself as well!  A portion of the proceeds from each can of Bee Kind will be donated to The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

  • Make a cash donation in our taproom.

Copy of FoodBankLogo_square.png
Bee Kind (4).png

Surprise someone with a Random Act of Kindness in our taproom this month - it's easy! 

  • Add an extra beer to your tab 

  • Put their name on a Bee Kind card

  • Post it on our bulletin board. for them to find & redeem

  • If you find a card with your name on it, show it to the bartender on duty to redeem your free pint!

Show us your Random Acts of Kindness!

Take a picture, post it using the hashtags #RAK & #TWBeeKind and tag @twbcoop.

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