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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Us!

Round up your best beer-drinking pals because we have TWO fun events happening at TWB on St. Patrick's Day weekend!

On Saturday, March 16th, 5-9 pm we're debuting The Brew Index at TWB.

This beer stock market game is a popular event at Beyond the Pale Brewing in Ottawa so we thought we'd give it a try!

During the event, the price of each pour will move up and down (within a $2.50 range) based on the purchase decisions of your fellow beer drinkers.

Time your refills and try to stay ahead of the crowd.


Then on Sunday, March 17th, 1-5 pm it's B.Y.O.B.S.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we're offering a special deal on draught beer when you B.Y.O.B.S. - $0.40 per oz!!!

That's $8 for a 20 oz pour!

Max 32 oz (1L) fill per person per pour.


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