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Great Beer Pursuit 2021

Welcome to the Great Beer Pursuit, a scavenger hunt from The Hydrocut and Together We're Bitter Co-operative Brewing!

Join us for a fun scavenger hunt around Kitchener Waterloo, where you follow clues to discover 10 locations to enter to win prizes from TWB, The Hydrocut Trails, and other local businesses!

Sign up to participate:

How to enter:

  • Follow @twbcoop and @the_hydrocut on Instagram and/or Facebook (we appreciate you following us on both, but for the contest you will need to be following TWB and Hydrocut on whichever platform you enter on!)

  • Take a selfie at each of the 10 locations with the scavenger hunt Selfie Spot location marker (yes, you need to be in the photo too!)

  • Once you’ve found all the locations, post all 10 selfies in a single post to either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #greatbeerpursuit21

  • Tag @twbcoop and @the_hydrocut in your post


  • Only one contest entry per person

  • Photos must show your face and the scavenger hunt location marker

  • All 10 locations must be found

  • TWB and Hydrocut must be tagged and followed

  • Photos must be uploaded on social media by 11:59pm on June 20

3 Prizes are available to win:

  • First finisher

  • Best costume Random draw

Winners will be announced on June 27! Contest Details: This contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Facebook.

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