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When stories about harassment in the brewing industry started coming out last summer, we wanted to do something proactive to help our industry be better. We set up a special bystander intervention training session with Julie Lalonde from Hollaback, and invited other breweries to join us (if you're interested in taking the training yourself, there are more sessions coming up: That way, our teams would be better prepared to do something if someone was feeling unsafe in our space. We wanted to be equipped. It turns out maybe of our peers did too! We ended up with over 250 participants from about 50 breweries across the province. We knew that was only the beginning of the work we had to do.

Since then, we have built out an anti-harassment policy for our team and will be engaging in more training for our people. We're proud to be part of the group of breweries that are taking part in the Brave Noise collaboration so that we continue to keep attention on this important topic.

At the end of the day, we just make beer. We want it to bring people together because beer should be fun! So we're going to keep making sure everyone is safe and respected, to make room for more fun in our industry. No one should feel like they don't belong.

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