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Oh Yeah! Birthday Beer Battle Time!

Introducing our first ever BIRTHDAY BEER BATTLE with our friends at

Counterpoint Brewing Co.!

We love birthdays - so with their birthday and ours only being a week apart, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a fun competition/collaboration. We played a little game we call "beer hat" where we each drew a beer style, adjunct and modifier, then crafted a brew based on those descriptors. Our beer is a Scottish Light with Oatcakes and Honey and it's available today! Happy Birthday to us!

Plus - what better way to release a beer made with bread than to pair it with bread made with beer?! Chef Rob has created a delicious treat to go with our Birthday Beer - whipped feta and balsamic tomatoes on a honey-oat muffin made with the new beer. Come out today or anytime this weekend and try a pairing or just a pint on its own! *

To see photos and videos of our brew days with Counterpoint and how the beer hat game works, check out our Instagram.

And don't forget to visit Counterpoint next Thursday to try their Birthday Brew!

* while supplies last

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