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Music, Mania, Madness: An All-Audio Trivia Game!

Seen on Screen Podcast Presents:

🎵 Music, Mania, Madness! 🎵

An All Audio Trivia Game

Wednesday, November 30th

7:00 pm

Tickets: $9/person

Teams of 2 - 6 people

You know the tunes, but can you remember which movie or show they're from? Grab your friends and join us on Wednesday for a fun, challenging, ALL-AUDIO trivia game. And there's a prize for 1st place!

Tickets are $9/person and include a 12 oz beer plus unlimited(ish) popcorn. Get your tickets now!

Also, if you enjoy podcasts, check out Seen on Screen where they talk movies, TV, video games & more...and where they'll be dropping some hints about upcoming trivia questions.

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